Kephas Framework v. 7.0.0 is out!

Highlights of this version:


  • Added a built-in DI container, the Lite composition, featuring everything except support for scoped services.
  • The Lite composition is the default container.
  • Added support for Autofac DI container.
  • No more support for injected properties, all dependencies are resolved in the constructor.


  • Added primary support for plugins.
  • Plugins are loaded by default from the Plugins folder in the application’s root directory.


  • Added support for Python scripting.


  • Added support for activities executed by the workflow processor.
  • Activity processing can be controlled by workflow behaviors.


  • Added support for Console and ASP.NET Core based applications.
  • Console applications accept commands in the console, commands are processed by the message processor.
  • Simplified the configuration of root App classes specializing AppBase.


  • Added support for message handling, even if the message does not implement IMessage.
  • The default message broker uses routers for distributed processing. Routers receive and send messages using their specific transport layer. The built-in in-process router use the message processor for handling messages.
  • The event hub is now a service provided by the Core.
  • Added support for message handling through the IMessageHandlerRegistry by providing lambda functions, avoiding the overhead of message handler classes in simple scenarios.


  • Added support for Serilog.
  • Added a Loggable base class for classes supporting a Logger property.


  • Added Kephas.Testing package featuring the Lite composition.
  • The TestBase class features functions like CreateContainer, CreateContextFactory, or CreateSerialziationService, which provide configurable mocks for the corresponding services.

We hope you’ll enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed developing it!